High Function

Creating a synergy of health regeneration, nature rejuvenation and knowledge transfer in a convenient package.

commitment to natural process

Nature's Guardian

All of our products and services are committed to supporting and preserving natural agriculture and natural products.

We are creating a collection of resorts offering luxury accommodations, health rejuvenation spas, and life-changing experiences in pristine natural environments.

Advanced sustainable design, technology, and biodynamic permaculture allow our centers to operate completely off grid, facilitating authentic wellness and rejuvenation for a better world.


regenerative & biodynamic

Regenerative and biodynamic farming practices rejuvenate the Earth, at the same time creating a quality of food that contains all the nutrients the body needs to heal on its own. With low carbon emissions and zero waste practices, it is truly a path to healing the planet.

Health Spa

New Age Healing

The on-site health rejuvenation spa will combine new age healing modalities with inner work methods such as yoga to provide healing in and out that can uplift patients mentally and physically.These modalities include:
Biogeometry influenced architecture, infrared and steam saunas, near-infrared therapy, pulsed electromagnetic frequency, cold plunges, rife machine

bringing it together

the synergy

The combination of regenerative agriculture, a health spa, and close to nature short term rentals creates the opportunity for people to experience a healing, grounded experience that includes fresh seasonal food that is grown as nature intended.

camping in luxury

short term rentals

Toxin-free luxury camping stays will allow visitors to be close to nature with access to the farm and health rejuvenation spa.

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